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5 Reasons on Why Bungkusit has become Malaysia’s Most Favourite Delivery App

5 Reasons on Why Bungkusit has become Malaysia�s Most Favourite Delivery App


Bungkusit delivers anything in less than 50 minutes
Bungkusit delivers anything in less than 50 minutes


Savings, money management, stress-free life, and profitable living are the �ideal� concept for Malaysian�s lifestyle. It is an accomplished fact that many of us out there are striving hard to achieve this. There are times where we hope that someone can help us manage our �delivery� task or a virtual assistant that can just help us buy our groceries, do our shopping, paying monthly bills and also buying us food since the working load is getting more and more intense as the day passes by. Do you know that such �virtual assistant� is already there to help us (like honestly help us just do anything as if how we demand?). The so-do-called mobile application is non-other than Bungkusit! Bungkusit has already hit the market and it is already been used by almost every Malaysians. If you still haven�t heard of Bungkusit, do not hesitate to install them from either Google Play or App Store now and see the magic it brings to your life! Here are the 5 Reasons on Why Bungkusit had become Malaysia�s Most Favorite Delivery App!


Bungkusit helps you run your daily errands. I am sure it sounds unbelievable but the truth is, Bungkusit has indeed had an intense portfolio of delivering almost everything!

bungkusit buy and send deliver anything in 60 minutes


  1. � � � � �It helps you buy concert tickets. You just have to pay for the delivery charges (which is distance-based) as well the ticket prices.
  2. � � � �It helps you buy groceries. You have to include the shop�s/supermarket�s/market�s address and insert all the items that you want the Roadies to buy (at the �notes� section). You can also require the Roadies to attend any �Year End Sale�, �Mega Sales� or �Stock Clearance� and to ask them into buying the specific products/item you desire to buy. To avoid any confusion and ensuring process efficiency, you may include pictures of the product as well.
  3. ��������Bungkusit can help you deliver or take parcels from the post office as well. You don�t have to wait in the long queue for hours or take off and leave from work just to retrieve your parcels. The Roadies are willing to wait and take/deliver your parcels. In this case, you save a lot of time and energy for the day.
  4. � � � � �Undeniably, it also delivers food at your doorstep. They have included a list of nearby and famous restaurants (the menu as well) in which you don�t have to worry or think too much for what to consume for the day!
  5. Help you to take back what you left at home. Bungkusit is a useful app since that have also include usability as such to make sure you do not have to drive back to your home just to grab what you have left. This will be very optimum especially for those Malaysians that use public transportation to and fro from their home to the workplace.


Malaysia favourite delivery app
Malaysia favourite delivery app

Roadies are verified by Bungkusit.
With the issues like internet scams and frauds are on the uproar, Bungkusit ensures that their Roadies are perfectly screened and had to undergo certain training and courses to ensure they comply by the company�s baseline and ground rules.

You can track your status�s order.
This is very essential in understanding Bungkusit�s productivity as users can identify and locate their Roadies� status quo and destination.

Simple cash payment.
The positive things that Bungkusit will definitely be acknowledged off are their payment method. You can pay at the beginning or at the end of the process. Thus, you will be allocated much time in preparing the total cost for the whole process. No rush, not anxious and most importantly no panicking. Also you can directly bank in to the Roadie itself once he reaches your doorstep.�

It�s profitably cheap and user-friendly.
understands the economic scales Malaysians are currently facing, henceforth, their distance-based charges are remarkably cheaper and way affordable. You will be more astounded especially when you have the opportunity to redeem coupons and promo codes for Bungkusit.


To sum up, these 5 reasons have clearly shown how Bungkusit has become Malaysian�s treasure. Besides, given

that the app has a simpler interface, this makes them be more approachable by many. Therefore, do not wait at the eleventh hour and grab this opportunity now to make your life better and happier with Bungkusit!


Bungkusit parcel delivery

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