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Bungkusit’s enhanced customer experience is a fuss-free delivery service

Bungkusit interview series with Siti Khadijah: Enhancing the customer experience for on-demand delivery service in Malaysia

Siti Khadijah, also known as Kathy, has been working in the customer service line for more than ten years. She has experience in managing teams in call centre companies and start-ups in the Fintech and E-commerce industry.

As the Customer Care Manager at Bungkusit, she coordinates and manages service operations, IT app development for users, riders and partners acquisition. She’s known for having impeccable interpersonal and communication skills that allow her to assist customers with grace in a way that enhances understanding.

What does customer experience mean to you?

For me, excellent customer service involves going the extra mile to make customers happy and satisfied with the company’s products or service. This will keep customers coming back while spreading the word about their experience. Customers’ expectation, for us, is always to be helpful, positive and informative.

What are your current customer experience goals for Bungkusit?

Being one of the pioneers in the management team is definitely to achieve the profit objective, which includes maintaining and increasing active users, regular innovations and tech development in enhancing the app. My secondary goal is to build a good app that’s visually appealing, engaging and simple yet intuitive. To add to that, we want to achieve a 99% satisfaction rate.

Have there been any changes, especially during the COVID-19, to enable greater focus on customer experience?

Yes, there have been changes in terms of enhancing the user interface, ensuring consistent updates to the user, listening to end-user feedback, system development in the internal use, and process flow.

How do you ensure a consistently great experience across all channels for your customers?

We successfully maintain our Service-Level Agreement (SLA) at 95% for the 1st response time to our end-user enquiries and feedback. Excellent customer experience is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with a brand over the life of the relationship with the brand. It includes the feelings, emotions, and perceptions of those interactions along the way. This is important because how we are left to feel after an interaction certainly dictates (or causes us to reconsider) if we do business with the brand again.

Thinking specifically about the increasing importance of the digital experience, how does Bungkusit aim to deliver a superior digital experience for your customers?

A ‘great’ digital customer experience (DCX) implies providing a fast, responsive and frictionless experience for consumers as we switch between channels in our journey towards becoming clients. Bungkusit vision offers a cohesive and consistent online experience that delights our customers as the demands increase day by day. To meet those demands, we should always provide an exceptional customer experience. Placing effort into producing a better experience will produce more customers, more sales, and encourage high loyalty.

How do you overcome some of the biggest challenges to delivering an outstanding customer experience?

The three challenges we face towards moving in the right direction toward CX excellence:

  • Ensuring Operations and services are available 24/7
  • Meeting service delivery standards
  • Ensure that business stays afloat with healthy profit margins

To overcome this, I always think out of the box and develop solutions to any arising issues such as app bugs, required enhancement and other operational matters.

About Bungkusit

Bungkusit is a local, on-demand delivery platform, providing delivery services via its mobile app. With various vehicles to choose from, such as bikes, cars, vans and lorries, Bungkusit is a quick and efficient way to deliver your items and packages.

Prices are reasonable, and riders and drivers are skilled and courteous. Roadies, as we like to call them, will even run errands for you, buying groceries or popping into a pharmacy for a strip of medicine. Our customers have the freedom and flexibility to order and deliver from anywhere up to 500km in the distance.

We also have a marketplace on our mobile app. Customers can enjoy browsing through the many merchants there, offering a myriad of goods, including some mouth-watering dishes. This is another way we help support merchants and provide them with the tools to promote their business online. For businesses big or small, near or far, Bungkusit is a quick and easy way to establish an online presence. We are the perfect delivery and online marketplace solution for merchants and customers!

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