Can iPhone5 Be Tracked: Spy Call Recorder for Android

If you can afford to get an iPhone 5, Id go with that. By the way, your info is FAR more useful than the apps own info!

Hey I got this on my iPod and its really useful when my mom confisticates my iPod. Can Can you see the hot spot history on iphone 5.Can the iPhone be used after reporting lost?

I work 85 and app is always with gray arrow on. I have the find my iphone through icloud set up on the device. Both the message and the lock are still pending according to Find my iPhone and there has been no activity on the phone for the last week Ive called the airport several times and nothing has been turned in, I also called AT&T who tracked its IMEI and they told me it has not been linked to another number so far. thou i had a passcode on it. Aug 31 .

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Ivan. Paul Dean. I recently had to replace my iphone because of water damage so i discontinued service on it when purchased the new phone. The last known should be the currect location because this is not a case of it being stolen. Hey, I left my iphone in a shopping cart at a store and someone must of gotten the cart and never returned the phone as lost to the grocery store. Jun 27 . Can the iPhone be tracked while off?

  1. Mar 1 .
  2. Disconnected from sorry sprint?
  3. In the US you will soon be able to block devices based on their IMEI number:
  4. It used to work (I frequently misplace my IPad in the house) but since I uploaded IOS8 it just wont work.
  5. Jul 12 .
  6. Jun 26 On the evening that I discovered it was missing, I used Find My iPhone to try to locate it, but it could not be found, most likely, because I had my cellular data option turned off to avoid astronomical data charges while out of the Verizon network.

Is there anything else I should do?

So if they do decide to do that, they will wipe your data in the process, however you wont be able to track it if they do. :S. I wonder if its simply a case of a weak GPS signal.

I ordered a new phone, did a restore. What would happen if my iPhone is stolen and the person goes into settings/ iCloud/ and turns off find my iPhone, before I have realize that it is stolen. Point 2 answers your question. I read in some articles that if the device has been offline for a week or two, it will be erased in my list of device – is this true? Does iTunes allow the user to download new apps to the phone? How to I turn lost mode off without losing my data?

  • My questions is if it were factory reset, would it still show up under my devices in the app Find my Iphone?
  • ;) It sounds like your iPhone was indeed turned on. My sister lost her iPhone 4S.
  • Lindsay:
  • Mar 16 .

When I got back into town I reactivated my older iphone. Preston. My iPhone was stolen, I used find my iPhone to set a security code and left a message to be delivered back to me in case somebodys found it. Can. Hope this helps.

Therefore I really dont know if the icloud will work or not to find it

Jul 12 . I def had a photostream album in my pictures.

How can I make the phone usable again? Also, the app is not useful against a professional thief.

Feel like i missed an opportunity to track it because i was away from the computer. Youve got a deposit, but how much you can borrow?

I have no cell service on that phone but WiFi was enabled. The Spy App to Monitor my cell!

The Location Services feature on the iPhone uses GPS technology to track your location information which is used to tag photographs, obtain directions and give you. ! !

The phone does not know its been stolen

Kim. Hi, I lost my Iphone two days ago and I blocked it through Find my Iphone app.

If the iphone has been wiped out/restored or If the Location Service and Find My iPhone are disabled or OFF, but the device has a good wifi connection, is there any way I can getor track the location of my stolen iphone? I have already locked the icloud but my question is, can he be able to use it in africa? and not allow any downloads.

They just keep moving around the city untill you give up. Now i read your article to set a lock for the phone but unfortunately my device name doesnt appear on my find my iphone, is there anyway to turn it back so i can set a lock or wipe my datas from my stolen phone?

There isnt much more you can do, particularly as the phone is abroad. Federico Post in ENGLISH what country do you think your in?

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