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Be A Foodie In The Comfort Of Your Home  

Turn your hobby into something bigger


Everybody has a hobby or at least have a favorite way to spend their time. It may be spending time doing sports, collecting stamps even writing and so on. For some fortunate souls, they have turned their hobby into a career by putting in a lot of time and effort. The misleading conception is that you would almost always have to go out and get your hands dirty. This includes meeting influential people so it works as a stepping stone to kick start your career.

There isn�t just a specific hobby that has the potential to become a huge career. Anybody can do anything that they may have interest in. For instance, the passion for food. It isn�t just about eating, its much more than that. Yes, it can also just like any other hobby, become a career. Every successful person out there started somewhere.

Your love towards food too can turn into something great. For instance, to be a foodie. What is a foodie you may ask? Its someone who has immense passion for food, someone who goes out there and tries all the delicious food that is offered. Truth be told, you don�t have to leave the comfort of your own home to become a foodie. Follow this guide and you�ll become a foodie soon enough.

Insta-Worthy Home

Social media is taking the world by storm and that only means one thing � convenience. These days convenience is just at your finger tips. It is indeed the easiest and fastest way to convey a message to the rest of the world. It is true that information online spreads like wild fire. There is a lot you can do to take advantage of this brilliant technology.

Almost always, foodies are seen going out for food hunting. They often go for restaurant and caf� hopping simply for the food that is offered, the surrounding ambiance and certainly for the Insta-worthy photos. However, there is a way to bring all that home.

Step 1: Set up your table at home so it may be Insta-perfect. Set it with a cute little table cloth with some nice cutleries and plates. Decorate it with a beautiful rose and maybe a pretty decorative candle. YouTube comes handy with stuff like this.

Setting up your dining table will definitely bring out the right ambiance for a picture-perfect shot.

Step 2: Any photo as a foodie is incomplete without food. Instead of going out, just �Bungkus it lah� and get it delivered to your home.


Bringing the food to you

No picture is perfect for a foodie when there is no food involved. The best thing to do in this situation is to follow step 2 get the food to you. There are many services out there that�ll deliver food to your doorstep but for this, the restaurant of your choice has to be registered with that particular service. Not all restaurants can be registered with such services due to the high expenses. However, there is a way to get all restaurants and cafes of your choice to be delivered at your home. This works even if they aren�t registered with any food delivery services.

There is a new delivery service in town. Different than any other you�ve seen before and typically Malaysian called Bungkusit. With Bungkusit, anything is possible.

Learn more about Bungkusit on:�https://bungkusit.com.my/



restaurant to you

The best part of being a foodie is being able to enjoy all sorts of different cuisines. This however shouldn�t work to your disadvantage. Sometimes it is difficult to get to your favorite cuisine to you. Keep your worries aside and allow Bungkusit to get it to you. You name it and Bungkusit will get it for you.

Keep your dreams of becoming a foodie afloat. There is simply no limit to what you can do. Keep the food coming from restaurants, cafes, local stalls, fast food chain and everywhere else. Explore the different alternative, get a taste of the local street food or live it up with a classy caf�. Any food is insta-worthy if its given the right platform. Create your own platform. Take this chance to start your career in the food industry.

#Insta-food at home. Allow Bungkusit to bring your career to your doorstep in 60 minutes. Kick start your foodie-licious life to become an influencer in the food industry.


fastest food delivery in kl, pinang, johor , seremban , melaka
Fastest food delivery in kl, pinang, johor , seremban , melaka.

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