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How Millennials Benefit From Bungkusit’s Online Delivery Service

The online delivery service ecosystem is expanding choices and convenience, allowing consumers to choose from various shops with a single tap of their mobile phone.

The business of delivering online to the home is undergoing rapid changes as new online platforms attract considerable investments and high valuation.

millenial shoppers online delivery

There are two types of online delivery platforms. The first type is “aggregators,” which emerged about 15 years ago, and the second is “new delivery” players who appeared in 2013.

Both platforms allow customers to compare products, scan and post reviews, and place orders from various shops within a single click at their doorstep.

The aggregators, which are a traditional delivery category, take orders from the consumers and route them to shops where delivery is handled by themselves.

In comparison, the new online delivery service players build their networks, which provide delivery for shops that don’t have their delivery drivers.

Bungkusit is one of the best online delivery platforms in Malaysia to provide a variety of options for you! You can now get your food, furniture, groceries, and almost everything delivered to your doorstep.

Just name it, and you can get it in a faster time without leaving home at your convenience. There are many reasons why Bungkusit’s online delivery is viral among millennial shoppers.

1. App exclusive discounts

Bungkusit’s delivery almost always provides discounts or special offers. During the CMCO period in Malaysia, you can even use the code “BUNGKUSITCMCO” to redeem a special offer on all services booked!

We encourage all our customers to hop on Bungkusit, and experience the service of a lifetime. Our online delivery service has unparalleled speed, accessbility and friendly riders to cater to all your booking and transport needs in the country.

2. Exclusive delivery

Several apps offer exclusive delivery from shops that don’t offer delivery themselves. When you some an item and you don’t have time or energy to go to that shop and get it, this is where Bungkusit’s online delivery service comes in handy. It gives users access to their favourite products and services with minimal efforts. For restaurants, it provides customers who crave for its food.

3. Brand visibility

With the help of online delivery, customers can choose to order their favourite brands’ products.

Moreover, the products delivered by Bungkusit are original and of topmost quality, which is true to the description mentioned online. It allows us to build our reputation in remote areas and generate sales by providing access to local customers.

Bungkusit can provide online delivery service of up to 75KM around a location.

What do millennials want in an online delivery platform?

Millennials shoppers, those between the age of 18 and 35, are the most valuable section of the population. They are the market responsible for the most eCommerce success, with most of them opting to shop for food, groceries and services online.

If you’re a merchant, or an online business–targeting your products or services (or even overall sales process), you should always be thinking of new ways to market yourself for success.

a) Availability of almost every product online

Online is the right place to sell your products. According to a survey, 40% of millennials would buy everything online if they could. Overall, this is the group of the population that has always been comfortable with online shopping.

When you book something through Bungkusit, this is exactly what we promise to you. Some of your favourite hawker stalls, pasar malam food shops, bakeries and the like might not be available on traditional delivery apps. But for us, we believe in having every product to be delivered online. Thus, you’re able to book a Roadie (our trusted riders) to order and and deliver a treasured item for you.

b) Easy and swift ordering experience

When it comes to ordering items, customers always look for easy and quick ordering experiences. First, they want to order from multiple devices and channels easily. Bungkusit provides consumers with the ability to easily order from their mobile app, which is super simple!

Secondly, the ordering experience needs not to be complicated. Menu items need to be adequately detailed as up to 20% of customers drop off if the app or website does not answer their queries. The user experience should be swift without involving too many steps. Having an option of one-click reordering is also a plus point for returning customers. 

c) Faster delivery experience

The experience of placing an order is one part. The pace of delivery after placing an order is what makes or breaks an entire experience for a buyer. Customers are less likely to order again if they had to wait a long time before their order gets delivered.

As consumers, what they want, when they want, fast delivery is a must. Live order tracking and rider tracking can elevate the user end’s ordering experience, making it easier for them to track their order–which is exactly what Bungkusit can provide as well.

It helps the restaurant give instructions to the delivery executive whenever an error situation occurs.

d) Multiple delivery options

Once users have chosen what they want to buy, online delivery platforms allow users for multiple delivery options. The ability to get their product delivered to their home or office makes a huge difference in user experience.

Ordering beforehand has become a trend that is as more and more customers are looking for instant satisfaction. Instead of waiting in line, they can have their products delivered right at their doorstep can be magical.     

e) Easy payments

Another benefit of ordering online is mobile and easy payments. Those days are gone where you have to run around the house looking for a chance to pay your delivery guy. Today, having multiple delivery options such as cards, cash, and mobile wallets makes online delivery for millennials more convenient.

Benefits of booking a delivery service with Bungkusit

Bungkusit has rebranded, targeting millennial shoppers with an online shopping experience where the quality of user satisfaction will be second to none.

Bungkusit is an online delivery platform that helps you to fulfil your daily needs. It helps get your everyday essentials like posting parcels, ordering food online, or buying gifts for your loved ones.

At Bungkusit, we are building a network of connected individuals. From business to delivery agents to customers. As a result, we can deliver your product throughout the city quickly.

There are many benefits to booking a delivery service online with Bungkusit, which are explained below.

1. We make order processing easier

Traditionally, people have to make calls or go to the product shop for their item then wait for the item to be packed. Sometimes, placing an order on the phone call means that it could be a mistake in the order.

We can prevent this mistake by providing you with an online ordering platform. We had made an app and website that allows you to choose what you want to get delivered. Having an online delivery system makes your daily life easy. On the other hand, when you place your order online, you can take your time to browse the menu and get familiar with the addon deals and offers that shops are offering.

2. Access to thousands of brands and shops

With the help of our online delivery system, you can get the product you need at your preferred time. You can choose from a wide variety of products and get them delivered at your doorstep. Many brands with low reach in local markets grab this as an opportunity to expand their brands’ visibility. It allows the new brands to get a fair chance at competitive with Flipkart and Amazon.

3. Fast and Cheap delivery

One of the immense pain for online shopping customers is the extra cost of shipping. A lot of stores online charge a tremendous amount of shipping charges, which in the end makes the online bargain not so much of a deal for you.

Bungkusit has some of the best shipping rates available. Furthermore, we sell so many things, and you can make a huge order consisting of different items and have them delivered all together at the same time.

In addition to shipping costs, the next thing is fast delivery. If you want your stuff right away and dont want to wait for long, we can deliver your item in an hour.

4. Trusted

Reviews, a lot of reviews: Because of our broad base of users, most of the items come with helpful reviews. It is a great place when you want to decide which thing is the one that you want to get delivered.

A rating can change the mind of a customer with a blink of an eye. So, it is crucial to provide top-notch service and expect a useful review in return. Further, do not hesitate to ask for reviews from your clients once the job is done.

5. Minimal contact

While a few months ago, human contact while purchasing goods was merely an issue, the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the same a priority. During COVID-19, minimal contact helps to protect you from the spread of the virus.

But even after the virus spread slows, you can experience minimal contact. We accommodate your busy schedules and allow you to safely send parcels or gifts or food to friends, loved ones, and colleagues.  

With the advancement in technology, the online delivery industries are also getting a significant facelift.

The online delivery system is still a rising concept and has many potentials for growth and expansion.

Online shopping played a crucial role in the COVID era to help people get access to certain items.

Bungkusit is the exact online delivery system that can help with that, and we’re here for you always! Redeem our latest CMCO promotions here.

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