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Tips and Tricks To Becoming A More Efficient Rider

With the boom in eCommerce, there is nothing which one cannot get online. Every product you need is available online can be delivered to your doorstep these days.

But the question is, who does the work? Delivery drivers!

A delivery rider is the one who collects items and transports them to the destination. Riders convey a variety of things, like food, furniture, and many more.

how to become a delivery driver

A rider should be concerned with customer satisfaction and transporting goods in the same and timely manner. A delivery rider picks up and drops off items while sticking to assigned routes and time schedules. To be a successful rider, one should be polite and prompt with a commitment to providing clients with an excellent experience.

What is the gig economy, and how does it benefit delivery drivers?

The gig economy is the specific trade of short-term services. There is a high degree of autonomy, payments are made after completion of the task, and a short-term relationship between client and worker.

For example, Bungkusit delivery gives someone a chance to earn money by making deliveries. There are many benefits for those looking to become a delivery driver in the gig economy.

Some of them are explained below.

  • You will get to choose where, when, and what you will work on.

When working in a gig economy, you can decide the job you will be taking, which platform you choose. You can choose your working hours as a delivery driver, the company you want to work with, and the location you want to deliver.

People who do independent work by choice and have it as their primary income report higher satisfaction with their work than a traditional worker.

  • Extra pay in the form of tips and bonuses.

One of the most benefits of working as a delivery rider in the gig economy is earning extra money through tips and gratuities. Try to be on time and be professional while delivering goods.

Can you make money as a delivery driver?

The increased delivery fee during rush hours and other tips can raise the amount even more. This the reason why being a delivery driver for an app-based, on-demand service is one of the best ways to earn money. Tips, of course, are essential for riders.

But the question is how you can get those much-needed tips.

Given below are some tips on how you can increase your earrings as a delivery driver.

1. Before leaving the restaurant, always cross-check with customer’s orders. Always make sure that everything is properly packed in the bag. Remember to grab extra condiment packages like ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.

2. Point out these extra items when you make the delivery. You might get extra rewards for additional efforts.

3. When you arrive at a customer location, greet them with a big smile, and call them by their name. Try to be more friendly. Read the order to them so that they know what you are delivering is what they ordered.

4. If the customer doesn’t answer the door when you arrive, text them or call them to let them know you are at their doorstep.

Some tips to become an efficient rider

Everyone must give their best at their job. As a delivery rider, you can take control of your day with a more dependable and smarter route plan. Your route plays an essential role in the delivery business.

It does not require many skills to become an efficient delivery rider. As beginner delivery drivers usually make silly mistakes. Despite their efforts, they waste their precious time and spend more money on fuel than expected. Explained below are some tips which can help you in becoming a better rider.

  • Know your route

Newbies usually rely on GPS to find the right address of restaurants, stores, cafes, and other pickup or drop-off locations when starting as a delivery agent. Even though GPS can help you to locate the shortest path or road closures, a good rider should their city inside out.

What are the shortcuts most people don’t know?

Where are people’s most favourite places to order from?

What are the busiest roads?

When are the rush hours?

An experienced delivery driver is the one that don’t waste their time and money on gas by driving around aimlessly.

  • Pick up orders close to your location

You should pick up orders from the place closest to you. The reason behind this is you don’t get paid while you are on your way to grab an order, so try not to exceed an 8-minute drive each time.

The delivery fee only covers the time frame between the drop-off and pickup locations. If an order is far from where you are, then it is better to skip it.

Also, consider other factors like construction work that might make your journey last longer than what the navigation software suggests. It is helpful if you know your streets, as mentioned earlier.

  • Pickup and deliver multiple orders simultaneously

Another tip for delivering fast and secure is to stack deliveries. Most of the time, you will have to wait for some orders to get ready.

Sometimes more than half an hour or so. In the meantime, you can complete your order somewhere else. Accepting multiple orders or delivery requests enables you to reduce the number of minutes wasted in the parking lot and waiting for the order to be ready.

Benefits of being a delivery driver

Delivery careers are appreciated for easy-going career paths with a decent among of pay. While this is true, the professional rider industry is much more complicated. With new companies and the concept of convenience becoming the norm, the need for experienced delivery drivers has skyrocketed.

Given below is a list of reasons why you should become a delivery driver.

1. Good amount of money

As a delivery driver, there are many different ways to make money. You get paid by the distance between points A and B. The app will calculate the money you will makeā€”no need to play a guessing game or worry about other pay deductions.

You also get paid by the customers in the form of tips. Not only that, but certain services offer guaranteed incentives depending on specific criteria.

2. Flexibility

Many delivery drivers have the benefits of creating their work schedule. This means that they can start and stop working at any time without wondering about their boss.

On-demand delivery services like Bungkusit allow their riders to drive in B2C space. Whenever you are ready to work, all you have to do is turn on the app, and you will start receiving delivery orders.

Another great thing is that some companies pay more during busy hours, so if you can work in those hours, you can earn more.

3. Job security

With an increasing demand for professional delivery riders, thanks to the e-commerce era, you can be assertive that there will be a steady stream of jobs available in this business.

In the supplier and industrial sectors, new customers are always being added, increasing the number of jobs each day. This level of job security and flexible schedule is something that remains just a dream for many people.

4. Be your own boss

Working in a 9-5 job comes with it’s own unstable future. If the economy of the world were to undergo a pandemic, or other reasons to work from home–it’s scary to think about how these “traditional” jobs were to be affected by salary cuts and retrenchments.

Without this worry above you, becoming a delivery rider allows you to be your own boss. You can work whenever and wherever you want to work without relying on the necessity of a stuffy office space, overbearing bosses and a job that you don’t like!

Working as a delivery driver requires minimal experience, but it takes time to get its hang. No one is born with tips on becoming an efficient rider and maximizing time and productivity or offering five-star customer service. It is something that people learn with experience.

Whatever delivery service app you decide to work with, feel free to use the above tips and tricks to earn more. With some conscious decisions and planned strategies, you will provide better customer service while enhancing your efficiency and productivity. Many customers appreciate the excellent customer service and tip riders for their work.

If you want to get started with one of the best platforms to become an online delivery driver, Bungkusit is most definitely the one for you. Here’s how you sign up to be a trusted Bungkusit Roadie.

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