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Hungry Go Where in Malaysia KL? We Love Food!



Are you a foodie? Or someone who loves going caf� hopping, eating food at the trending new restaurants, or well, just eat. These are some of my favourite hangout spots, and I�m sure for most youngsters usually the Millennials as well. And if you think it�s too much hassle to drive there, you can just BungkusIt lah! A new on demand delivery service that grants you any wish, including bringing all these favourite treats to your door step!

Jibril SS15

Jibril�s Lounge at SS15 Subang has been insanely passionate in serving local artisan food and beverages Being the Subang’s current secret sanctum: a strange speakeasy-style lounge, it is also a non � alcoholic lounge and famous for its Butter Chicken and butter beer!


Cookie Nation

What could make you happier than this cookie ice cream sandwich? Cookie Nation offers all kind of sweet treats at a very reasonable price. If you think this is impossible to be delivered, think again! Try out BungkusIt and our Roadie will help you get your cookie fix!



The Gorpis

Craving for Goreng Pisang Cheese aka Gorpis? Here you can taste the infamous banana fritters, whose stall is run by ambitious youngsters.

Located near Tune Hotel in Sunway Giza on Persiaran Mahogani, they are also known for their generosity with the amount of cheese they pour and has many different kinds of flavour to choose, from plain cheese to blueberry and strawberry cheese. Thanks to social medial, the stall is getting a major success and always packed with people. So here�s a tip, save your precious time at home from the traffic and crowd, get our Roadie to pick this up for you!







FLAM�s The Thin Crust Pizza @ Changkat

Bukit Bintang, KL

Psst�. It opens till 3 AM so there�s nothing wrong about craving for a traditional French pizza at late night. We got you even at Late NIGHTS!

pizza flam

ayam golek

Look, they have ayam golek too!

The ultimate favourite: RAMLY BURGER

ramly burger

Now even with all these fancy food, I will never forget our Malaysian favorite burger, Ramly burger. It is so convenient to know that now I can just have someone to buy these for me at any time I want! McDonalds who???









If you�re worried about the food getting cold as it arrives, Bungkusit definitely know how to balance between quality and convenience. Even ordering ice cream seems possible now, because with Bungkusit, cold will stay cold and hot will stay really hot. That is why, WE CAN START ORDERING SWEET TREATS NOW without having to leave the house!


First thing first, get your phone out > app store > Bungkusit > and hit download. After registering yourself on the app, start typing in your request and we�ll get a Roadie to get it done for you.

Even for late night cravings, or when you need some chocolate from the store, Bungkusit is all about satisfying your needs. So what are you waiting for?! It�s not too late to pamper yourselves; Bungkusit knows that YOU deserve it!

Your desires are just a-click-away.

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