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Mother’s Day Is Right Around The Corner

Guess what important day that you almost forget?


Mother’s Day is in 3 days, and you’re running out of time to get her the best gift! When was the last time you got your mom a special gift?

In my experience, my mother has always been sentimental. She doesn’t mind if we get her a gift or not, but she’ll definitely glow up when we tell her that all of us are coming back home. Being present is always so much more meaningful, that is why we should always try to make time for our loved ones.


For the past week, I’ve been browsing through Google to look for the ideas on the best Mother’s Day gifts, and there was an article that caught my attention.

The article featured some of the popular things that mothers said they like:

“Just to go take a vacation somewhere out,” said one local mom. “Away from here.”

“I want someone to take me on a trip,” said another.

The most popular answer, of course, was just to be with their families.

“I would love hand-written cards from my kids, telling me about good memories,” said one mom.

This specially touched my heart because I know it’s true. I remember when I was a kid, I love making handcrafted things for my mom. I love making cards. I love how my mom would keep all of our colorful cards and show us the stack from previous years.

It was a simple gesture, but we can see how happy she was when she received it every time.

Until now, I still think that handcrafted cards and gifts are the best. However, it’s never wrong to express our love and appreciation through fancy gifts. I would put a lot of thoughts when buying present for my mom, or any of my loved ones, but I still enjoy my art and craft session. That is the only time where I can make a little something for them that show how much they mean to me and how well I know them, based on the theme of the cards :p

It does not matter where we are, or how grown up we are, Mother’s Day is a special day and I hope everyone will make time for their Queen <3


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