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Request a dispatch quickly using these 3 steps on Bungkusit.

Ever ordered from a delivery platform and you just cannot get someone to accept your task even when you are paying for it? There’s a phrase “Customer is always right” applies when you are paying right. Well, we think so too but we also think there needs to be a little refinement into the request posted because Roadies (our dispatch team) cannot read minds. We always believe, a little goes a long way. Let us show you 3 different ways to request a dispatch quickly on our app, Bungkusit.

Be very specific about what you want

A little really goes a long way. Take a little more time to fill up all that you need in the boxes as you can see below. The more information you give, the easier the Roadie can execute the job for you. Try to keep it simple to either English or Malay language only. It is universal and everyone should understand it. You can upload a picture as well of the food you are purchasing.

Re-order at least 3 times before you give up

Patience is virtue
Be patient and allow the Roadies time to accept your tasks.

This is very important because on our system, we have something called the back to back jobs. Some Roadies cannot read the messages while they are on the job or riding a bike. Hence, it is very hard for them to accept your job.

We also have a button called the “Re-order” button. If you didn’t get a reply within 2 to 3 minutes after you ordered, click on re-order as it will direct your request to other available Roadies who might just have completed their task but are not with a job. We recommend at least 3 times re-order button during peak period. If you want to be prioritised due to urgency of your order, consider adjusting your fare.

We encourage Roadies to accept jobs only when they are ready so that you don’t have to wait too long for your task to be done. Please be patient with them.

Request a dispatch quickly – Add a little tip

This is the best way of requesting a dispatch quickly. Almost 90% guaranteed match. We know it’s not a tipping culture here in Malaysia. However, it’s no harm taking on a good deed. Add a little tip to encourage them or if you think your task is a little complicated. We all work for money and it’s no different with the Roadie. Cheer up their life a little and we are sure they will bring a cheer to your life by completing your task as fast as they can. 

Request a dispatch quickly

Do you need additional help? Need more ideas on how you can request dispatch quicker? If you do, don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook or email us at enquiry@bungkusit.com.my

Interested to join us as a Roadie? Visit our Roadie on boarding page here

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