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Tips On Having The Perfect Date Night

Why Go On Dates?

Being in a relationship, date nights are always nights to look forward to. Be it for long, recent or new couples. Time certainly plays a huge role in ensuring a healthy relationship. Therefore, you should have date nights at least one or twice a month, to strengthen your relationship with each other. Having date nights can sometimes turn into a nightmare. I mean what can you do besides what you always do? Tired of just going to the movies or walking around aimlessly in a mall? Keep on reading as we’ll reveal how you can have a great and organized date.


Here Are Some Tips You Can Use For A Great Date Night!


Surprise Surprise

How your entire day goes is determined by how you started it. That is exactly how the start of your date would be. The perfect start to a perfect night would be by surprising your partner with a beautiful gift. It doesn’t have to be a diamond necklace or a thousand dollars worth of leather belt. A gift should be something that is close to both you and your partner. You can buy a set of perfume, the same scent on your partner the first time you met. It can also be a cute photo frame or the outfit of the night for your partner.

Don’t worry if it’s a last minute gift. Get Bungkusit to help you with it. Key in the details of the item, pick up and drop off address and be ready to see your partner’s beautiful smile within the 60 minutes of when the item is delivered.

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Not The Usual

A good date is a date that has been planned out from the start till the end. It helps you make the best use of your time. Too add a dash of flavor to what might be a dull date, go a little out of your comfort zone and do something that neither you or your partner has done together. The list of suggestions would be pretty long, but here are some ideas.

  • Horse riding
  • Wall climbing
  • Go for a show. Any show such as the opera or stand up comedy

For activities that require you to purchase a ticket, do pay for it online and get it collected and sent to your doorstep. This saves you a lot of precious time that you may want to spend with your partner.


End It Off Right

Do something a little different than what you would usually do. Almost all of the time, couples would spend the date out of the house. This only means spending all your time together in the eyes of the public. It may not allow you to completely have each other to yourselves and spend good quality time together.

Here is one way you can end it off right. Turn off and put away all devices to set the mood. But right before you put your phone away, get in touch with Bungkusit for the perfect night’s end. End it on a sweet note by getting Bungkusit to “bungkus” your favorite dessert from your favorite dessert place and deliver it at home.

Worry not, here’s a list of all the must try desserts around KL: https://funntaste.com/20-dessert-places-kl/

I guess having a dessert is as good as a goodnight kiss to your partner for a lovely date.


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