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Nowadays when everyone is busy running around, hustling to get everything done in time, it is not surprising for one to face that panic moment because you left some important documents for your boss, forgot to pick up flowers for your friend�s graduation, or even getting a meal, for yourself.

We get it, and we got your back. With less than 1 hour delivery periods only! That is why we have a line of reliable Roadies as your errand runner, to make your life easier and here are some of the S.O.S situations that we can get you out of:




�1)�� When your boss is as notorious as Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada

devil wears prada


When you work as a personal assistant and have a boss like Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada, or your superior is known as the Darth Vader of the office, you definitely need an assistant of your own, and that could be the Roadie from Bungkusit. How else would you juggle between 10 different tasks that has to be done in a couple of hours?

With the Bungkusit app, you can lessen your burden by hiring a Roadie to pick up your boss�s dry cleaning, queue in at Apple Store to buy the latest iPhone or run down to your apartment to get that document you accidentally left for a meeting later. The Roadie is ready to help you with every kind of task, and you can get the coffee for your boss for that extra credit. 😉

2)�� When you forgot the important dates (Birthdays, Anniversary, Monthsary�)

friends series

We are sure that most of you have been in this situation. Sometimes when you�re too swamped with work, you tend to forget all these important dates that require

1) Your Presence
2) A GIFT!

With Bungkusit, we can help and do the shopping for you while you get the extra time to complete your work and be there for your loved ones afterwards. Even if you�re away, you can still hire a Roadie to get the gifts and deliver it straight away to your friend or family members in less than 1 hour only!!. Just put in your preferences of what you need, and consider it done.
Now everybody is happy!


3)When you�re having a major wardrobe malfunction


help me

Be it before a wedding, an event or your graduation day, something ought to be wrong while you are busy getting dolled up and then realized you forgot something or worse, wardrobe malfunction. Anything can happen at anytime ; heels broken or tie suddenly don�t match your brother�s shirt or you forgot to pick up your best friend�s favourite flowers for her wedding, which commences in 2 hours! Between panicking and making sure you still look great for the occasion, this will be the perfect time to get yourself a Roadie from Bungkusit for Damage control.

We got your back, anytime, anything, any day!


4)When you�re starving but getting up is not an option

delivery near me

Let�s face it, everyone wishes for the sky to rain

hamburgers & pizza. Well, food in general so that we won�t have to leave the house every time when we�re hungry. Don�t worry, while you are getting cozy in your couch on a weekend and wondering either to call for McDonalds or Dominos or something cheaper like Ramly burger delivery although you are really craving for nasi lemak, the Roadie is out there ready to take your order. With the Bungkusit app, you can choose to order from any restaurants you want, be it at a pasar malam stall or nandos restaurant and It�ll arrive right to your doorstep Hot, Fresh and Quick!


Even if you�re staying late at the office and getting bored with the caf� at your office, get a Roadie, and we�ll Guarantee to satisfy your cravings.



First thing first, get your phone out > Play store / App store > Bungkusit > and hit download. Start Bungkusit lah! After registering yourself on the app, start typing in your request and we�ll get a Roadie to get it done for you! Rest assured that all errand runners from Bungkusit are screened and trained, so we can be sure that they are safe and reliable. Plus, with an inbuilt chat messaging platform, you can easily contact the Roadie while he is doing the job. Worry less and be stress free with our Roadie.

Your desires are just a-click-away.

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