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What Are Consumer COVID-19 Trends After The Pandemic?

What are the COVID-19 trends that will shape our world?

Even as the world stops to a standstill, consumers are still making important purchase decisions every day.

Even though the “hows” and the “whens” and “wheres” have changed indefinitely!

The new “normal” will not stop people from slowing down when it comes to shopping.

But first, answer these questions.

To try and understand consumer behavior, it’s important to be a master observer. Start to notice little things such as; 

  • What have been the most popular trends this year? 
  • Notice any unique searches during this time?
  • What new problems will society continue to face at this time? 

While you continue to stay at home and observe social distancing, here are some trends you should already be aware of.

Read on.

1. Monitor eCommerce trends. 

The eCommerce sphere has all but overtaken physical shopping, and will continue to do so for a long time. 

Web-based business has been and will keep on being, a major part in the public arena, and with customers changing their shopping strategies dependent on the new world we’re living in, one of the biggest COVID-19 trends.

Studies have revealed that consumer shopping habits have shifted dramatically from 2019, according to Salesforce. 

63% of consumers have “transformed” the way that they shop for goods and services, and 58% more of consumers will expect to do more online shopping after the pandemic.

80% of business buyers will also follow suit, doing more business purchasing online in the post-pandemic era.

Now for all of you small businesses out there, there’s also hope for you to survive with moving your business online. 

Consumers interact online with companies 60% compared to the 40% offline activities.

In 2019, the numbers looked like 42% online activities compared to 68% offline — which is yet another testament to the dramatic shift. 

Therefore, 88% more of customers expect companies from various industries to be more proactive with their digital marketing and efforts due to new COVID-19 trends, while 83% of the public already expect big-name retailers to provide flexible shopping options such as online delivery and fulfillment. 

All of this can only mean one thing.

More and more businesses have to match the growing demands of the consumers, digitally.

This is because eCommerce options are rising in popularity and is needed to make sales in a post-pandemic world.

This is also in large because of the easy access to technology.

Customers shopping from home will expect online businesses to be very digital-savvy. 

How does Bungkusit help fulfill your customers’ demands? 

As mentioned, more consumers expect their favourite brands to be digital savvy and adept with eCommerce deliveries. How do you meet these expectations and still stand out in a crowded and competitive market? 

Bungkusit offers special attractive opportunities for Merchants (eg, the small businesses, sole entrepreneurs and even SMEs) to take advantage of the online boom.

Therefore, fulfillment, online delivery and shipping will be a hassle that you no longer need to think about. 

All you need to do is simply key in the consumers’ address/location to deliver an item.

Vice versa, a consumer can also request for an item to be delivered, and once an order is placed, our trusted and efficient Roadies (Bungkusit drivers) will collect the item and deliver it safely in the hands of a consumer.

Bungkusit aims to bridge the world of small businesses to technological opportunities, to give every single entrepreneur online a fighting chance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plus, to make a successful online business something that is not impossible anymore!

2. Media Consumption opportunities

People all around the world are being exposed to screens and media all day!

This makes social media, Netflix streaming and conference calls one of the most important COVID-19 trends.

As the world continues to work from home, online content has become both the means for entertainment, work and all around daily life.

Users are beginning to consume media for more needs than just entertainment.

As opposed to the past decade, they now rely on the digital world to carry out many more activities. 

To keep updated with the news, watch workout videos online or to start an online business as a side hustle.

Here are some statistics to pay close attention to; 

  • Malaysians spend more than 70% of the time browsing social media, 68% of it watching the news, 64% of it on entertainment, 59% of it on cooking and 42% of it browsing online shops. 
  • COVID-19 trends such as the rise of Facebook as Malaysians’ primary means of obtaining information, followed by 60% of them on the MOH website. 
  • Did you know that 13% of Malaysians browse social media for 5-8 hours daily? 
  • The main means of online services that Malaysian consumers have been spending their time on remains to be YouTube. 
  • 67% of Malaysians have been shopping on eCommerce platforms since the start of MCO. 
  • Top items from eCommerce platforms are personal hygiene items (31%) and clothes (29%). 

3. Virtual Meetings will dominate

People who are undergoing quarantine or working from home will rely on the power of virtual meetings or conferencing.

Imagine a world where people use video conferencing for purposes like virtual dates.

Or even company weekly meetings and parties with friends and to keep in touch with family members daily.

You’ve also got businesses that have merged their interactions online.

Shopify, Twitter, and Microsoft have asked employees to work from home until 2021.

Some have given them an opportunity to do so permanently!

To make this a reality, apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and Microsoft Teams have exploded in popularity.

Social conferencing remains to be one of the most prevalent digital COVID-19 trends.

4. Adopting the DIY method

As shops around the country close down for the period of the pandemic, (or impose strict deadlines and SOPs), more people turn to doing activities themselves. 

This ‘DIY’ method can be constituted as those who are figuring out how to cut hair at home, learning cooking recipes online, etc.

But how is this beneficial to brands and small businesses? 

Well, this is important for brands so keep in mind.

Many consumers are taking on new hobbies, new activities at this time — which is a golden time for more brands to produce content that resonates with them.

This means that instead on focusing on 100% promotional content, focus on value-added and informational content instead! 

Your consumers will be spending more and more time on screens!

Plus, studies prove that consumers trust brands that are trustworthy and safe.

Therefore, shift your marketing to how-to videos, infographic content, and educational content that will fuel this new DIY attitude of your consumers. 

At a time like this, Bungkusit is also a service platform that is able to deliver DIY food kits from many Malaysian brands to your consumers waiting at home! 

5. Rise of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a trend that can no longer be ignored. 

It’s not just about the small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Medium and large businesses that have relied too much on traditional marketing will have to shift their focus to what people are paying attention to; and that’s digital marketing!

One particular trend to look at is the rise of social media credibility.

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok marketing have been an uprising trend, as more and more brands look to connect with a digital-savvy audience group. 

Facebook marketing in particular is a more in-depth option to explore.

With the existence of the solid Facebook Ads Manager, everyone can now learn how to use Facebook to promote their business.

All you need is an idea for a creative, a small budget of ad spend and a proper execution strategy. 

Here’s a complete guide to running Facebook Ads, perfect for small businesses. 

Digital Marketing will help more Malaysian brands get the word out there, and the exposure that they need online in no time at all.

You can use a platform like Bungkusit to fulfil these deliveries!

There’s no denying that the world of consumers and shopping behaviors will be changed dramatically post COVID-19.

Especially if behaviours have already shifted so much during the pandemic itself. 

Therefore, it’s important for small businesses to keep updated on the preferences of their consumers out there.

Now, is it the time to shift your business online-first.

This, with the help of proper digital marketing tactics, as well as a trusted delivery provider like Bungkusit. 

Bungkusit continues to help the likes of thousands of Malaysian SMEs to deliver their products.

These are items like food parcels, beauty, groceries, personal hygiene, and many more!

After all, the key to a sustainable business is knowing that you have resources and platforms that will take the hassle out of your business!

This, and allow you to focus on fulfilling the needs and wants of your consumers 24/7.

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