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What can you deliver with Bungkusit? Whatever you want

We know we packed so many features to explore in our Bungkusit app that it may look confusing but trust us, once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as using the brand new iPhone. The question that lingers in everyone’s mind… What can Bungkusit deliver? In this article, find out how you can have a personal on-call assistant, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without burning a hole in your pocket. Interesting? Enter Bungkusit.

We can deliver food
Bungkusit for Food

Instagram food picture
Like what you see on Instagram? Let us bring it to you

Food is always on Malasysians mind all the time. It is also the heart and soul of the people in the country. They say sports unite us all, not exactly 100% but Bungkusit believes, food unites ALL Malaysians. Period. 

Gone were the days where you are limited to fast food restaurants as a choice for take out food. Now, from pasar malam to mall restaurants, to even roadside nasi lemak panas, we can bungkus for you anytime you want. Want to add on bobba drink too? Sure! Instruct our Roadie to do it and it will all magically appear in front of you in 60 minutes. Terms and conditions apply though. Read it here.

We can deliver medicines
Bungkusit For Medicines.

Taking medicines
Medicines, supplements & almost anything health related can be delivered to your doorstep with Bungkusit.

There are going to be times where you need to self nurse yourself. We can help. If you need some over the counter medicines that don’t need prescriptions, request for it on the app and our Roadie will send them to you. It can be minyak angin, panadol, cough medicines, logenzes, or even when you have an emergency where you need some “protection” & “lotion” delivered to your doorstep. Hey, we are always ready to serve you well.

We can deliver parcels
Bungkusit for parcel.

What can Bungkusit deliver you ask? Contracts, documents, small gift packages, pick up forgotten items, anything at all that fits the size below, we can deliver for you. 

Our bag size is 50cm (tinggi/ height) x 25cm(lebar/width) x 30cm (panjang/length), with a total 10kg weight, 21 litre. Basically, this picture right here.

Bungkusit Bag Size and capacity

We can deliver electronics
Bungkusit for shopping

Electronic items delivered with Bungkusit

So let’s say your printer ran out of ink, you need a replacement quickly. You know the shopping mall has it but you are just too lazy to endure the parking problems and get it. Order it from the Bungkusit app. We will deliver even a hard disk, RAM, keyboards or mouse.

We can deliver beauty accessories

Make up & health products Delivered with Bungkusit

Make up is women’s best friend. So if you forgot something from home and you absolutely need to have it no matter what, hey, just get Bungkusit to bring it from home or get a Roadie to buy you the new lipstick. Remember to specify what you want. It can be lipstick, fragrances, powder or anything you want.

We also can deliver across cities up to 500km. It stretches from Penang to KL to Melaka. That is the radius. Almost any region or corner. You have the address, we can get it there for you.

Now that you know what can you deliver with Bungkusit, go on and download our app on Google Play or Apple AppStore

Have deliveries that are more than 500km? Contact us at enquiry@bungkusit.com.my and we will get back to you. Alternatively, chat with us on Facebook for more info.

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