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Why are on-demand delivery apps the new normal?

It is clear that the on-demand delivery app model is here to stay. Over the past year, it has proven its significance and its part in ensuring business and operational continuity during the pandemic.

Before this pandemic, most customers relied on traditional business locations involving visiting the stores or service centres in person. This practice was ingrained as the norm within majority consumer behaviour. There was a small recognition about the on-demand services, as only a specific age group such as the millennials understood this services model.

The lockdown is changing this consumer behaviour. For example, for us, the recent surge in online delivery orders from Bungkusit has increased. This indicates that more businesses are now adopting the on-demand delivery app model permanently.

If you’re a business owner looking to grab this opportunity — you’re in the right place. An on-demand delivery app business model allows users to access services without stepping out of their homes. All they need is to order the services and items — grocery, food, medicine, petrol, clothes, shoes or anything else that could be delivered to home using mobile apps. Then, the delivery agent, for example, our roadies, will deliver the order to your location.

Want to know if an on-demand delivery business works for you?

Bungkusit, for example, has been helping small businesses go digital, especially during the pandemic. They can reach more audiences and increase their sales by using contactless deliveries. We also help them learn more about the digital platform to bounce back from the economic upheaval of COVID-19.

Let’s discuss the reasons why you should opt for Bungkusit or your company.

Ease of doing business

On-demand delivery apps connect you to customers instantly. It’s a digital platform to expedite the delivery of products and services conveniently. These days, people prefer to search, explore and purchase things through their mobile phones. On-demand services, such as ourselves, aim to address these smartphone users, and you can grow your business quickly by reaching this audience. With Bungkusit, you can grow your business way faster than any prevalent traditional ways. There will be an increase in the demand from consumers and increase revenue for your business.

Increasing efficiency

On-demand apps bring automation and promote the digitisation of every business process. They also decrease the time of service exchange by eliminating the middlemen from the process. What’s more, apps minimise the physical interaction in every process, beginning from the purchase to delivery. It makes the services more effective and quick than what is offered through traditional ways.

Let’s understand this by taking an example of our service.

Traditionally, people had to deliver their parcel by visiting the courier office and standing in a long queue. With an on-demand delivery app, such as ourselves, we have made the entire process online, and customers can book the parcel or get the delivery at their doorstep with ease. The same goes for your items in a shop. We will help you transition to a digital shopfront on the Bungkusit platform and provide tons of online training on using Merchant Portal Bungkusit

Real-time tracking

This is one of the greatest benefits of on-demand apps for businesses and customers alike. Business owners such as yourself and customers can track the delivery of services or goods in real-time through our app. As a business owner, this is great because you can enhance transparency and increase trust among your customers by providing a real-time tracking feature where they can easily track their orders and get an estimated arrival time.

On the other hand, business owners can monitor the movement of the order for ensuring the real-time delivery and the exact location of the vehicle and our roadies.

We also implemented a blockchain that automates trust and securely tracks their deliveries, securing the credibility of the merchants and avoiding disputes. By doing this, it helps the business owners.

It verifies their shipment details to prevent any tracking or delivery disputes related to timing, location or delivery confirmation. It also helps to maintain the integrity of our riders. Most importantly, given the current COVID-19 times, it will make the entire delivery process contactless.

Wrapping Up

The on-demand economy is getting stronger even during the pandemic. It shows that it is here to stay. Every business under the sun can leverage the benefits of a thriving on-demand economy to meet critical demands and offer enhanced services to their consumers. The on-demand delivery app also provides a personalised experience to customers and assist businesses to expand their reach. This can be an exciting development for you. We are here to help companies not only survive these hard times but thrive in our changing world.

About Bungkusit

Bungkusit is a local, on-demand delivery platform, providing delivery services via its mobile app. With various vehicles to choose from, such as bikes, cars, vans and lorries, Bungkusit is a quick and efficient way to deliver your items and packages.

Prices are reasonable, and riders and drivers are skilled and courteous. Roadies, as we like to call them, will even run errands for you, buying groceries or popping into a pharmacy for a strip of medicine. Our customers have the freedom and flexibility to order and deliver from anywhere up to 500km in the distance.

We also have a marketplace on our mobile app. Customers can enjoy browsing through the many merchants there, offering a myriad of goods, including some mouth-watering dishes. This is another way we help support merchants and provide them with the tools to promote their business online. For businesses big or small, near or far, Bungkusit is a quick and easy way to establish an online presence. We are the perfect delivery and online marketplace solution for merchants and customers!

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