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Some technological innovations have transformed our daily habits, and among them are delivery apps. These are applications that allow you to order on your smartphone and have it delivered straight to your doorstep within minutes. You know those nights when you are tired and do not feel like cooking or going out to look for a restaurant? Or when you feel like having nasi lemak or rendang but your favourite mamak is far away with very little parking space? That’s what Bungkusit delivery app is made for. So, look no further for we are coming soon.

Bungkusit is expected to be launched on November 2017.

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Do you know what makes people use a delivery app? It is convenient. At all kinds of occasions, people run errands. Sometimes, after a hard working day or when it’s raining cats and dogs, people prefer to save time needed for shopping and cooking and just order some food or snacks from their favorite places. This is where we come in to take care of your demands. We have hundreds of riders all over the city and in this way our local goods are moved around the city making it possible for you to get any product delivered to you within an hour. All you have to do is sign up using our app.

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By using the App, customers can connect with our local couriers who deliver goods anywhere within KL and Selangor. To prevent delays, riders will be able to get notifications of orders within a radius of 5km. And they can travel distances as far as 25-30km.


With all the services we may offer, we aim at providing it to you in less than an hour. And like many on-demand apps, Bungkusit will let customers track the progress of their order on the map, using the app.


So What is Bungkusit all about? You are familiar with GrabCar or Uber, right? It’s something similar however; it’s for people to run errands and do deliveries instantly!. Users will indicate the “Pickup” and “Drop-off” location using the App and the delivery will be made by the Bungkusit riders so called “Roadie”.

Bungkusit will also have a courier service delivery where the Rider will help the customers to deliver their parcels to post offices such as Pos Laju, Gdex, etc.


The app will calculate the delivery fee automatically based on the distance travelled and time waited in the queues which can be seen by the users as well. All payment is to be paid in cash, this makes it very easy for both customers and rider.


Think of it this way: Bungkusit is about to make life much easier for you. Bungkutsit’s passionate community of riders and drivers will be delivering in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur for the start but will later on be introduced to other different States as well. To use our services, you can sign in via our Facebook page or register through our app which is in both the Andriod and IOS phones. Then choose “Order,” select “Delivery,” and then go through the process of building an order to have it delivered to your address.



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