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Same-day delivery is now available on Bungkusit.

same-day delivery

In the current world we live today, we can get almost anything at a click of a button. And these days, people in Malaysia are looking for new ways to get items delivered to their door quickly, and businesses are exploring how to better serve their customers from a distant. This is where we aim to make a difference. We’ve found a way to say YES when it comes to same-day delivery. Our Bungkusit’s roadies are here to meet your same-day delivery demands for various errands – from groceries to medical supplies, parcel, food and miscellaneous-focused delivery. 

same-day delivery

We can deliver anything, at any time to anywhere, with a base rate of RM5. We specialise in delivering anything you want in less than 60 minutes. As long as it’s within 75km from bikes, to car, vans, lorries and trucks!

You have the freedom to receive deliveries from anywhere, including unlimited restaurants. Our roadies are runners. We can buy and deliver anything to your doorstep, as long as you know the location, and it can fit in the vehicle. Even if you need us to purchase a piece of furniture from IKEA and deliver it on the same day, we can do it.

We don’t do price hike up as the delivery fee is based on the distance. Not only restaurants, but we can also get your favourite kuih or pisang goreng from street stalls – on the same-day delivery. 

The same goes for your parcel or groceries pickup on same-day delivery. We got you! You can request multiple stops to buy different things from different locations within the same state and get them delivered on the same day. Our roadies will help you even during emergencies such as your petrol car ran out, we can deliver it right to your vehicle.

How to get Same-Day Delivery on Bungkusit?

same-day delivery

All you have to do is download our Android and iOS app and make delivery requests. Order it, and our roadie will be at your doorstep within 5 minutes.

same-day delivery

The same goes for businesses; if you’re looking to do same-day delivery bulk deliveries, from food and groceries, parcel to miscellaneous-focused delivery, we can do it. All you have to do is register as a merchant and contact us directly for more discounts.

About Bungkusit

Bungkusit is an on-demand delivery platform that works with consumers and businesses to enable same-day and urgent delivery in Malaysia. We’re dedicated to helping local businesses thrive. Our transparent platform is designed to promote their products and give them the tools to generate more revenue. 

We also help consumers send anything without the hassle of getting it there and assist businesses to expand their reach and increase sales by offering urgent, same-day and next-day delivery with professional motorcycle, car, van, lorry and truck drivers. They have the freedom and flexibility to order from anywhere up to 500km in the distance, with the help of our roadies to buy and deliver simultaneously. 

Whether you’re a small business or a large one, own bricks & mortar stores or operate online only, we have a delivery solution perfect for you and your customers. 

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