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8 Benefits To Delivering With Bungkusit You Should Know About

Bungkusit: Benefits on on-demand delivery service for our customers and merchants

The pandemic has forced us to stay at home, and social distancing has been imposed. Therefore, we, as Bungkusit, are here to help with any on-demand delivery service in Malaysia.

With the MCO, we can only travel within 10km. It has brought a drastic change in our lives and daily activities such as getting groceries, clothes from dry cleaners, food delivery, etc. So let us take care of that part for you.

We want to assure our customers that Bungkusit on-demand delivery service will continue operating to serve our community in Malaysia. We’ve taken steps such as blockchain adoption and other digital technology to safeguard our consumers and riders’ livelihoods and will continue to ramp up our efforts for a seamless experience.

We act as a mediator between the customers and the merchants. So it’s a win-win situation that connects consumers with the merchants, and our roadies will help you deliver or buy things from anywhere. All in all, the consumers and the merchants are our customers, and we want to take care of them.

Just name it, and our customers can get anything without leaving home. There are many reasons why Bungkusit is quite beneficial to our customers.

Benefits of On-Demand Service For Bungkusit Customers

Low price for large order quantities

When you book something through our on-demand delivery service, it’s precisely what you get. We also offer hot deals and special promotions weekly. We don’t hype up prices like other popular delivery services; we stay true to the price. We’re all about being affordable for our consumers.

We also calculate a delivery fee based on the distance, and our base fee begins at the price of RM5. In other words, you can get anything you want from as low as RM5 ONLY!

Long-distance delivery up to 500km

Yup, you read it right! Your food cravings, groceries, items you need to pick up, specific things you need that can’t be found around your area, parcels — near or far — can now be satisfied with Bungkusit Long Distance!

No matter where you are at Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Kedah and Johor, we know the struggles of being in a long-distance from the things you need. You can easily track the arrival of your orders through the indicated estimate time of delivery based on distance.

Various vehicle fleets

We offer the right vehicle for the job. At the moment, we have 37,000 bikes, 10,000 cars, 5000 vans and pick-up trucks and 1000 of 1-tonne and 3-tonne lorries available for our consumers and merchants.

Our consumers can get everything delivered to the home with a tap of a button. Our vehicle fleets are here to get you anything from food, groceries, oversized care packages, medicine, pet supplies, big furniture, oversized items, and delicate goods from one city to the other.

Deliver small or big with us; either way, our vehicle fleets are here!

Freedom to order anything from anywhere

Sometimes, we never have enough time to do all the things we want to do, and we get it! With our on-demand delivery service, Bungkusit can help you move items, how you shop and get things quickly like never before.

Our consumers can either order from our delivery partners or utilise our roadies to make purchases, pick up items from anywhere such as pharmacies, grocery shops, restaurants, etc., and deliver to you.

To our future consumers:

All you need to do is, download our app, tell us where to go, what needs to be done and when. Then, just sit back and let us worry about your task at hand.

We’re making an effort to provide jobs

We provide instant cash to our roadies, as we believe roadies are the company’s face, and if they are taken care of, the consumers are also taken care of.

And our roadies are B40 workers, and they need funds to support their family. With our Bungkusit platform, they get to earn daily, allowing them to have cash in hand instantly once the orders are completed.

Pre-order for home-based businesses

We provide a 0% commission rate to home-based businesses to showcase their products nationwide without worrying about losing profit margins. With the pandemic going on, we want home-based business owners to know that they have a platform to continue their business.

The best part, our merchants offer online pre-ordering from pastries, cookies, cakes to sandwiches and drinks. Just order anything from their menu and receive those at the time you want. No more hustling for last-minute orders!

Our merchant web-app

Our web-app is for our merchants who are either home-based business owners, restaurant owners and small-medium to enterprises owners.

Who can use it?

Restaurant: Customers can scan QR CODE on their tables, order the food & pay all through the web-app.

Home-based businesses: Pre-order functions available to order first, prepare and then deliver later.

Small-medium/enterprises: Anybody who wants to sell products online and have options for express delivery, book in advance, grow their business via social media. They can also do marketing campaigns and full ownership and transparency with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning insights.

But you may ask, how does this benefit?

Well, our merchants are our customers too. Our merchants can instantly set up their own website and provide multiple options to receive orders from delivery, take-away, drive-through, etc.

Your webpage is accessible to search on any browser with your own customised website link. You own your customers’ data. You can also create unlimited promos and loyalty points for your customers. The best part, it’s 0% commission free on unlimited orders online.

Mobile App to accept and reject orders for the merchants.

Our merchants can also use our mobile app to manage their orders easily. Once you’ve uploaded all of your products on the merchant portal, you can now accept and reject orders using the mobile app.

About Bungkusit

Bungkusit is a local, on-demand delivery platform, providing delivery services via its mobile app. With various vehicles to choose from, such as bikes, cars, vans and lorries, Bungkusit is a quick and efficient way to deliver your items and packages.

Prices are reasonable, and riders and drivers are skilled and courteous. Roadies, as we like to call them, will even run errands for you, buying groceries or popping into a pharmacy for a strip of medicine. Our customers have the freedom and flexibility to order and deliver from anywhere up to 500km in the distance.

We also have a marketplace on our mobile app. Customers can enjoy browsing through the many merchants there, offering a myriad of goods, including some mouth-watering dishes. This is another way we help support merchants and provide them with the tools to promote their business online. For businesses big or small, near or far, Bungkusit is a quick and easy way to establish an online presence. We are the perfect delivery and online marketplace solution for merchants and customers!

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