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Apps are Driving the “GIG” Economy

Apps are Driving the “GIG” Economy



What constitutes as

a Job in today’s world ?

What is a persons role in society ? How does one contribute to the community that they live in ? How can they influence the economy ? The answer to all these questions are Jobs. Jobs are essential to any economy. It is the driving force to positive economic growth. In the current technological market you can create a job out of anything. People are willing to pay people to do anything. A great number apps are being created for so many niche markets each day. These Apps create jobs and these as a whole is known as the “GIG” economy.


The “GIG” Economy.

It is known that the”Gig” economy run by apps that are known as On-Demand Apps. Bungkusit is one of them. These apps provide a way and means for those individuals that want to earn more during off- hours or even pursue a career through them. The whole concept it self seems ridiculous at first as you start to question how people can earn money through an app to sustain themselves and call it a job.

That is the point, there is no perfect definition of what a job is. These On-demand apps come at a perfect time. A time where�On-demand applications are sitting inside your pocket to cater to every single need of yours within a few minutes.�This new collection of on-demand application based services are making the lives of urban elites more ingenious by offering convenience; from the feast, conveyances to even vehicle washing and laundry services, from driver driven vehicles to handymen. This emerges in a flash with the simple taps of your fingers.




Future For On-Demand Apps.

It is believed that on demand economy will bring reforms and revolutions. There were a great number of skeptics in the beginning that did not understand how these app development companies can make there investments back. However there are exemplary On-demand Apps that have succeeded, such as Uber, AirBnB and Postmates. Hence forth Venture capitalists that ignored the scope and importance of on demand economy are now searching for investment options after seeing the huge profits.�On-Demand Apps have revolutionized most aspects of our day-to-day life. they Also continue to penetrate further, disrupting traditional service industries and business models.

As the years go by On-Demand Apps will be the new norm. The economies of countries will be significantly improved as middle class and lower income groups get a boost with the help of easily accessible part time gigs and jobs.� The “gig” economy will grow along side the rise of On-Demand Apps. The gig economy will also shine� lights on a much needed under developing economies.

We are living in a dynamic world that makes us occasionally wonders how we discover time to rest. If we take a step back and look at the big picture, does the rise of on demand apps shine a light on how lazy and entitled we have become ?. Or does it show a much more technological advanced side of us that we should embrace and innovate ?

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