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The future of “FOOD” is “On-Demand Apps

The future of “FOOD” is On-Demand Apps


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Does anyone know what to expect in the Future ?

What is the future? Does anyone really know what to expect ? A 100 years ago if you told someone that you can ask strangers to deliver food for you, buy groceries for you, drive you to places. Would they believe it ? Chances are no. This whole concept of allowing strangers to do tasks for you is a matter of convenience. Consequently that is whats driving the current market of On-Demand Apps. This does not mean that people of the past didn’t need this, it simply means that the  means to do so didn’t exist yet. This is were modern technology and modern consumers comes into play. Apps like Bungkusit help to achieve this convenience for such consumers.



Technology is the key to convenience.

Modern consumers lead a busy life. they are on the move. Constantly working and are heavily reliant on technology to achieve a bit of convenience and ease into their life. People nowadays don’t have the time cut out from their busy schedules for the traditional meal at home. Or even going out to restaurants for meals is quite rare. More Importantly many consider this a waste of time and rather order food in. This is the current market. A market where the food industry has evolved into a trans-formative space where business are realizing that modernization is key to survival and as such they need to adapt to current market trends for them to survive.

Studies show that over half of the consumers would prefer to have their orders delivered, and this has helped boost the frequency of the orders because of its convenience. One of the biggest factor that made this possible is the accessibility to mobile apps for consumers. Apps like Bungkusit help consumers in there day to day lives.

With the Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Self autonomous driving vehicles and drone Technology, the need for the current forms of human delivery will become a mediocre form. Likely these forms of technology will help to improve customer ordering processes and reduce delivery times. And isn’t that what everyone wants at the end of the day.


Should Traditional Restaurants Focus on more Delivery ?

With the rise of current digital trends in every cornerstone of every market including food it is important to adapt in order to survive. Studies show that people prefer to eat out and get food delivered rather than going to restaurants. The restaurant business is quite fickle, it commonly known that almost 80% of restaurants fail in their 1st year. Besides that even though there is an untapped digital food market that can be capitalized on. Above all one reason specifically despite preparing great food, the daily logistics of operating a restaurant often interferes with understanding and unlocking new revenue opportunities. It is important for restaurants and business to take full advantage of any platform that can help in achieving greater revenue.

History is filled with stories of failures of people that didn’t want to change and adapt. Industries and businesses that failed to ride the wave of technology is a thing of the past. Ultimately it is up to the people to recognize what is best for a business. Using market research and market data restaurants should tip there toes into the world of food delivery to succeed.

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