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Bungkusit helps riders and drivers become successful entrepreneurs

Bungkusit interview series with Amrishan: How is Bungkusit empowering its riders and drivers as entrepreneurs in this digital economy?

 Bungkusit empowering its riders and drivers as entrepreneurs in this digital economy

Amrishan Singh, known as Shan, is from Penang, the land of the most delicious char keow teow. As the Fleet Manager in Bungkusit, he overlooks the operations and the delivery partner side of things. His role is to ensure orders placed by the customers are fulfilled and that they have enough riders, right from hiring until the riders go on the job. In his free time, he looks at potential partners to bring onboard and work together with. 

How does Bungkusit empower its riders and drivers to take charge as entrepreneurs?

Something very unique about Bungkusit, everyone feels like they are part of this. Maybe because of how organic we are in everything we do. We have always kept our customers and riders as our focus. We also went back to them every time we build something and want feedback. So our riders and drivers take charge as entrepreneurs in a way that they stay on the lookout.

If there is a restaurant that is doing great, has a terrific volume of orders and other delivery companies hogging their lanes, our riders and drivers immediately go out and reach out to the owner of that place. They pitch about Bungkusit, and get their contacts and pass it to our merchant point of contact.

They do all the groundwork for us. We only engage the owner to explain our perks, such as we don’t charge or mark up anything from the merchant, so end-users enjoy the same item and the same price if they were to buy it from their stores, no mark up at all.

To add, riders and drivers even lookout for other potential collaborations. They do the pitching and then give us the details to close the deal faster. We take pride in having a very close working contact with our beloved riders and drivers. In essence, we believe we have the smartest and the most independent lot of drivers; they know how to generate more income for themselves and at the same time how to help the platform and all the other drives as well.

What are the key barriers to creating successful entrepreneur opportunities for them?

We can talk about a lot when it comes to barriers or factors that are limiting growth, from competition to all the other distractions that the market has to offer, but the market does not wait for anyone.

That one key limiting factor I’d say is belief! Believing in themselves and in what we do. More than anything, we can teach or share with someone how to fish rather than giving them a fish, but if that person believes he cannot fish, he is right, and if he believes he is going to become a fish tycoon, he is also right.

Limiting believes that these individuals may have the only thing which is stopping them from being successful. I know of riders who have moved on and started their own stall, their own small business in the Pasar Malam, and I also know a lot of riders who are still trying. At the end of the day, the person you look at in the mirror can be your biggest enemy or your supporter.

In what way have you supported their journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

We have tried our best in giving support in any way that we can. We even try to support their businesses when they have one. We support them by giving them a direct channel to relay feedback and get things done quickly.

What are the benefits and perks of being a Bungkusit rider or driver, and what makes this entrepreneur programme different from other on-demand companies?

We are constantly innovating; we hear what the market is saying, and innovate quickly. What is true today may not be true tomorrow. We know that we do not know everything, and what we think and innovate can be true today and not tomorrow. That’s the number one benefit that our riders get; we don’t take so much time to provide a refund, or help them solve a small problem. Because we are agile, we can do things on the fly.

Bungkusit inspires their riders to be better people; we remind them a lot through our notifications that they have a family that is looking forward to being with them. And we should do it for the family members.

And we are also one of the best pay-outs in the market and known for having some of the most generous customers on our app. People know if they want to satisfy their satay craving at 10 PM, and if they don’t want to go and get it, our riders can. Just that thought alone makes me happy that we are there to help people when in their times of need. We support our riders all the way at Bungkusuit.

What is the impact of this programme?

Collectively, every gig economy service provider has been able to uplift the B40 sector economically and education-wise. People realise what the internet can do, what can be done when you are a rider or driver.

I believe, if you just look at everything as a whole, we have now allowed all individuals who love their bikes, the ability to earn money while they do what they like, which is riding. Yes, some individuals choose to be in this, while others get into it without having a choice.Nonetheless, as a whole, we have been able to keep away the budaya mat rempit, give more income and exposure to all riders and drivers and at the same time at a whole new level, allow each rider and driver to be more industrial and think of how they can make a difference in their lives.

About Bungkusit

Bungkusit is a local, on-demand delivery platform, providing delivery services via its mobile app. With various vehicles to choose from, such as bikes, cars, vans and lorries, Bungkusit is a quick and efficient way to deliver your items and packages.

Prices are reasonable, and riders and drivers are skilled and courteous. Roadies, as we like to call them, will even run errands for you, buying groceries or popping into a pharmacy for a strip of medicine. Our customers have the freedom and flexibility to order and deliver from anywhere up to 500km in the distance.

We also have a marketplace on our mobile app. Customers can enjoy browsing through the many merchants there, offering a myriad of goods, including some mouth-watering dishes. This is another way we help support merchants and provide them with the tools to promote their business online. For businesses big or small, near or far, Bungkusit is a quick and easy way to establish an online presence. We are the perfect delivery and online marketplace solution for merchants and customers!

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