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University Life Made Easier For You

University Life Can Be That Much Easier

Higher education is a phase in life that we can�t miss. University life isn�t all fun and games; it�s not all about the freedom and late night

partying, it can get pretty stressful too. The ratio of fun to stress being a university student is probably 4:10. Speaking of stress, who can forget the all-nighter that had to be pulled off because of assignments and exams? 6 cans of red bull were left to be the only loyal friend for all those sleepless nights as the due date grew closer with each minute. Talking about it is already stressful enough, let alone going through it. It can really drive any person insane. Exams and assignments are one thing to worry about, attending classes is a whole other thing. Classes especially early in the morning is definitely a bummer.

There may be many downsides of being a university student but it can almost be guaranteed that university can be that much easier with the help of Bungkusit. Here�s how.


All night studying craze!

Everyone knows that as stressful as it may seem, staying up all night to complete assignments is almost compulsory. The due date is just hours and there is a lot to be done. There can�t be any fooling around, there�s simply no time for that. Focus is key but staying up all night isn�t easy. However, there is one thing that makes it all bearable � a little midnight snack. After all, who doesn�t like a good midnight snack?

Going out to buy a snack may sound easy but is it really worth all the precious time you may lose? This is when the great saying �time that you lose, can�t be given back� weights a lot. What can one do in this situation? The solution is as easy as ABC, and it starts with B. B for Bungkusit.

Keep your focus on the books and let Bungkusit, well, just �Bungkus� it for you! Be it a complete meal from the �mamak� shop or some instant noodles from 7-11, you make the call and Bungkusit does the rest.

Now that�s what you can call a productive night well spent.



morning class terror

Early morning classes can be quite a chapter of nightmare for many but it�s something that students just have to grow into. The nightmare becomes a reality when you�ve spent the entire night completing assignments when its due the next morning. First thing the lecturer wants to see is the completed assignments on the desk.

The dateline is just hours away and taking a shower and driving to class becomes an almost impossible task. There is a solution for every problem and you�ve guessed it right. Bungkusit comes to the rescue once again. Don�t bother taking your shower or driving to university because your solution is at the tip of your fingers.

Stay home and type out the last finishing sentences, print it out and get it collected. Get Bungkusit to collect your paper, don�t forget to slip in a chocolate bar and get it delivered to your lecturer. It�s all about the convenience for you plus a little sweet surprise for your lecturer. There�s the happy ending for all. Oh boy you must be so relieved to get your COMPLETED paper to your university!


Exams are here

I guess it can be agreed that exam seasons are unforgiving. No matter how much you think you�ve studied, at the end of the day it proves to barely be enough. Preparations before the exams only mean one thing, study, study and study. A lot of revision comes into play as well. All attention and focus go in this exam preparations.

Even when it is down to the very last minute before making way into the exam hall, students often have their eyes glued to their notes. One thing is for sure that preparations not only mean to study or revise. It is to make sure that you have everything you need to sit for your exams. This includes having enough, or to be safe, having extra stationaries. After all, not having your stationaries before your paper is as good as not sitting for the paper altogether.

But what if you�re so busy studying hours before the paper that you realize you don�t have any stationaries with you? Take a deep breath and save yourself the hour of worry. Allow Bungkusit to be your hero of the day. All you have to do is fill in the information on their app about what you�ll be need and where it need to be delivered. Make the payment online and all your brand new stationaries will be delivered to you within 60 minutes.


Give Bungkusit a chance to be the hero of your university life and I promise it will not disappoint. Get more information on:�https://bungkusit.com.my/

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