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Bungkusit This Raya For You!

3 Things Bungkusit Can Do For You This Raya

Before the start of Raya, just remember that you’ll have Bungkusit this Raya for you. Keep your worries at bay and allow Bungkusit to lend a hand in all your preparations. Festivities are always anticipated throughout the year. Being a Malaysian, festivals are a big part of everyone’s live no matter what race or religion. It is always a time to celebrate. Celebration to most mean attending and having open houses, playing with fire crackers, wearing new clothes or simply “balik kampung la”.

As the big day draws nearer, preparations begin in full swing from cleaning the house to buying all that’s needed. The most awaited day finally arrives; waking up in the morning of the festive season can only mean one thing – excitement. Often times, with so much of excitement and enthusiasm, some minor details can be overlooked.

With time ticking fast and a load of things to be taken care of, here are some things Bungkusit can help you with this Raya.


  1. Doing it the last minute?


For most, shopping for “baju Raya” plays a big role during the Raya season. A lot of time and effort is gone into getting the perfect outfit, not only for you, but for your entire family. Color coordination is the essence of a picture perfect family photo. Planning for these new clothes may take a long time but it’s never a good idea for the execution phase to be delayed till the very last minute. As much as you don’t want to keep things for the last minute, it happens.

The house needs to be cleaned, you’ll need to make sure all invitations go out as planned, menu has to be planned, there needs to be enough food to feed hungry guests and everything else has to be in order. Paying so much attention to all these things can sometimes get you to overlook the other important detail, your “baju Raya”! You forgot all about it till the last hour but fear not, there’s Bungkusit this Raya for you.

You may not be able to drive down to the tailor’s to get your brand new clothes because you’re so busy with all the other things. What can you do? It’s easy, key in the details in the app and let Bungkusit get the rest done for you. Bungkusit may just be a savior to a great family photo.


  1. A gift for mom and dad


Raya season is all about the feels. It is okay to feel overwhelming emotions at times, especially during this sacred season. “Ibu and ayah” has done nothing but provide the best for us and it’s only right to give them a gift as a token of our appreciation. It’s okay if you haven’t had everything planned but even a small gesture would bring a great joy to their lives.

Remembered seeing a nice handbag that mom might like and a “Baju Melayu” that dad would look wonderful in at the mall in town? But you have no means of getting there? Well here’s another way Bungkusit can help you in these simple steps.

  • Call and place your order
  • Make the payment online
  • Get Bungkusit to collect it and deliver it to your doorstep

A beautiful way to surprise the best people in your live. Truth be told, you will always have Bungkusit this Raya for you.


  1. Safe travels


One of the best things about Raya has to be reuniting with family and friends. It’s an excuse you get to use to “balik kampung” to your grandparent’s place. What can be more exciting than that?

A lot of work goes into planning your routine and packing. Pre-travelling takes the most amount of effort. With all the hustle of travelling, it is most important to make sure that your transport is in the best of condition. Travelling by road for hours can get a bit exhausting but that shouldn’t be compromised with your safety.

For your travels, be sure to keep a tool kit and a safety aid kit in your car at all times. Better to be safe than sorry. So you may focus completely on your planning, do allow Bungkusit to get the safety aid and tool kit for you just by the clicks of the app. Travel safe guys!

For more information, log on to: https://bungkusit.com.my/

Always remember:- Bungkusit This Raya For You!

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